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Fishbowl Audrey On Turquoise Damask

Ashley Longshore

Ashley Longshore, a self-taught artist based in New York, is often likened to a youthful, feminist counterpart to Andy Warhol due to her impactful contributions to pop art. She draws creative inspiration from pop culture icons and brands.


Vivid Architecture

Incorporating professional, architectural elements into interior design introduces a striking visual language that defines the space and fosters a sense of bold aesthetic expression, transforming living areas into captivating and memorable environments.

Bright Colors

Bright Colors

Vibrant and bright colors in interior design infuse spaces with energy and vitality, creating a dynamic atmosphere that captures attention and adds a sense of playfulness to the decor.

Dolphins in Nature

Natural World

Nature serves as a profound muse for interior design, influencing color palettes, textures, and materials to create spaces that harmonize with the beauty and tranquility found around us everywhere we look.

” I love connecting with like-minded individuals, others who are artists at heart and by trade. These associations are invaluable to my work as an interior designer, but they also fuel my soul and personal creativity. “

– Leah St. Clair

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