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While there are elements of interior design that can be taught, great interior designers just have an eye for what looks right. Leah St. Clair has a natural gift for this intuition, connecting art quality with her clients’ personalities and preferences. She relies on her 15+ years of interior design experience and an extensive art history background to enhance homes with colorful and textural pieces. At the same time, Leah respects invaluable keepsakes, sensitively caring for and incorporating cherished possessions.

Although she has been consulting officially as an interior designer since 2008, Leah St. Clair has always been an artist. She received her Bachelor’s degree in interior design from Moore College of Art and Design in 2010. Moore has a prestigious design program, meeting the rigorous requirements of accreditation to offer the NCIDQ Interior Designer Certification. Leah also has multiple certifications in AutoCAD and as a Decorative Lighting Specialist.

” Because we believe our living space is the place where we unwind, unplug, and come back home to our inner selves after a long day, we must create a sanctuary that matches our aesthetic and our essence. My fundamental purpose is to move past mainstream trends and elevate your home space with the look, feel, and energy that best captures your ‘you-ness.’ “

– Leah St. Clair
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Interior Design Specialties

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Artists by nature, we use a unique and creative voice to provoke thought and spark intrigue. We use specific words and measured phrases that speak to the eclectic, artistic individuality within each client. Let’s take 15+ minutes and chat about your design needs.

Interior Lighting

We’ll help with all your interior lighting needs – from the basic to the elegant options. We have the resources and contacts to provide a variety of great selections, install your preferences expertly, and ensure each room has the right ambiance.

Art Curation
We assist all levels of art collection: building custom artwork galleries with the right frames, arranging and installing curated pieces in each room, and even archiving and cataloging works for insurance or upcoming moves.
Wall Decor
Paint color or wallpaper selection sounds easy, but it can be exhausting. Let us help you decide what to accent, how to improve a room’s vibe, and how to incorporate and make the best use of lighting elements. We’ll combine your style with best practices in interior design.
Commission Artists
We have the local network and years of specialized experience matchmaking original wall art with appreciative clients. We will provide options within your budget to give you a unique feel in your living space.

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