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Create a custom gallery that is a true testament to your unique taste and style with the expertise of Art Home. We’ll work closely with you to curate the perfect selection of art pieces that speak to your soul and enhance the space. We also understand that framing is more than just preserving or encasing your cherished artwork; it’s about accentuating beauty and making a powerful statement. Our framing services will enhance your artwork’s visual impact.

Arrange Artwork Masterfully

At a glance, installing art seems like an easy task for a handyman – just take the right measurements and put some nails in a wall, right? However, placement is crucial to creating the proper visual flow in every space. We know how to find the right combination of images from the options presented and arrange them appropriately to positively influence each visit to the room.

Bedroom Custom Art
Custom Artwork

Catalogue Your Acquisitions

Protect your art investment with a professional catalogue of the pieces in your collection. We know what needs to be documented for insurance purposes and prior to each move. Art Home can help you maintain your archive of this important information as you continue to grow your personal collection.

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