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I respect your keepsakes and ensure designs reflect the mood, personality, and authentic essence of your true self. Because a home isn’t just a home – it’s a personal memoir of the what, why, how, and who of your very being.


Art Home LV is a multidisciplinary interior design studio that hits the refresh button on interior spaces by infusing art, lighting, decor, and design born beyond mainstream trends.


Art Home Focuses on YOU

Our vision is to help people reignite and reconnect with the
kaleidoscope of colors, textures, pieces, and furnishings that best
represent their unique essence. To create spaces that don’t just define
the outline of their personality, but rather inspire the freedom and
expression for their true self to shimmer and shine.

A Word

From the Founder

” Sometimes all a space needs is a simple pick-me-up. A reset. A fresh pop of pizazz to make a room and your character blossom. Our mission is to elevate the overall look and feel of residential interior spaces. To create well-designed, yet comfortable sanctuaries that can be felt, loved, and lived in – with a bold sense of self. “

– Leah St. Clair

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Interior Design Specialties

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Artists by nature, we use a unique and creative voice to provoke thought and spark intrigue. We use specific words and measured phrases that speak to the eclectic, artistic individuality within each client. Let’s take 15+ minutes and chat about your design needs.

Interior Lighting

We’ll help with all your interior lighting needs – from the basic to the elegant options. We have the resources and contacts to provide a variety of great selections, install your preferences expertly, and ensure each room has the right ambiance.

Art Curation

We assist all levels of art collection: building custom artwork galleries with the right frames, arranging and installing curated pieces in each room, and even archiving and cataloging works for insurance or upcoming moves.

Wall Decor

Paint color or wallpaper selection sounds easy, but it can be exhausting. Let us help you decide what to accent, how to improve a room’s vibe, and how to incorporate and make the best use of lighting elements. We’ll combine your style with best practices in interior design.

Commission Artists

We have the local network and years of specialized experience matchmaking original wall art with appreciative clients. We will provide options within your budget to give you a unique feel in your living space.

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